IVF1 Virtual Waiting Room

IVF1 has been introducing several innovative measures to keep our patients and staff safe. As we all now know, spacing is extremely important to help prevent spreading infections. Doctor’s office waiting rooms typically have many people crowded together. That may have been okay in the past, but not anymore. Our new Virtual Waiting Room allows patients to wait in their cars until it is safe to enter the office.

How does it work?

Prior to your appointment, you will receive a text message with a link

When you arrive in the parking lot, click the link to review the steps for checking in

Be sure to answer all of the health assessment questions..

If your risk for Covid is low, you may then proceed to Virtual Waiting Room check in.

Clicking the link will bring you to the Welcome Page

Click the “I’m here for my appointment button”

Enter your name, mobile phone number and pick your appointment type from the drop down list.

The click the “Check me in” button.

You’ll see a confirmation that you are checked in…

and you’ll get a text message. You can see how many patients are ahead of you. Click the link to see your real time progress.

When the staff has determined that it is safe for you to enter the building, you will be notified.